Live2Serve Workshop


Live2Serve Workshops are an awesome service project

Service Learning is all the rage.  Help us spread The Gospel to all the world by partnering with us in this important ministry.

Live2serve Workshop

These workshops are where our Prayer Partner books are made.  This is the first step in our mission to change lives.  RAM Ministries will come to your school/church to conduct a book making workshop.  Students are given a presentation on serving God by serving others, and then each student will make  a Prayer Partner book that will be taken to our Mini-Missions where someone will commit to regular prayer for the person that receives it.  Please see our Mini-Mission section below. This workshop takes about 45 minustes to an  hour, or more depending upon the size of the group.  We have done workshops for as few as 8 and as many as 350+, and from 7th grade through college in age.

RAM Ministries Live2Serve workshops are for  schools, youth groups, churches, or any groups wanting to share in this ministry.  To schedule a workshop please contact us at (330)206-0272 or email us at


Live2serve Combined Workshop/Mini-Mission

The Live2Serve combined Workshop/Mini-Mission brings the service portion of the ministry and the prayer together in one event.   The students are given a  presentation on the ministry and serving God by serving others. Students will then choose and make the cover to complete a Prayer Partner book and create their hand print using light energy.  They will develop the print and attach it to the last page of the book as a sign of their commitment to prayer for the person that will receive it.   Your group will be recognized with a label on the back of each book made by your group. Teacher or group leader and students will receive a prayer card to be said together each time the group/class gathers.  Students will also receive a silicone bracelet as a reminder of their commitment to prayer. This is an important service project designed especially for young people from  7th  grade through college.   This is a great opportunity  for group prayer with the students.

This program is also available with books fully made. (Great for younger students) Any age group may participate.

Students will make Prayer Partner Books for one or more of the following groups:

Homeless(Adults and Children)

The Lost or Imprisoned

Those dealing with a lifelong illness or disability


Women Facing an Unexpected Pregnancy

Nursing Home Residents

Victims of Domestic Violence


Service Men and Women

Victims of Disaster

Those having difficulty dealing with the loss of a loved one

Those facing a severe financial crisis

A label will be placed on the back cover indicating that the books were made by your church, school or group in cooperation with RAM Ministries.




RAM Ministries would like to come to your church or group to invite everyone to join in our ministry. Help us spread the Gospel and help hurting people all over the world by holding a Mini-Mission at your church.  We will come to your church service to give a very brief presentation (approx. 5 minutes) explaining the ministry and inviting people to attend the Mini-Mission after the service.   We will  provide flyers with information concerning the Mini-Mission for your congregation one week prior to the event. The Mini-Mission is set up outside (weather permitting) and is completely self contained, so there is nothing you need to do.  We now have an indoor set-up using special lights for in-climate weather.     There is no cost for these Mini-Missions but donations are very much needed and appreciated.

The Mini-Mission is short 4 station process that takes about 10 minutes to complete. Each person chooses a book for a specific need and then creates their hand print for the book they have chosen. While the light energy produces the hand on the paper, that person will make a commitment to prayer for the person that receives the book.  The hand prints will then be developed in water, dried, pressed, and affixed to the last page of the book. Each person will choose a token (bookmark, key chain, bracelet, etc.) to help them remember their prayer commitment.   Books can be donated to a specific person by filling out a “special donation” card and can be labeled as being sent by you, or sent anonymously, or, you can take it with you and give it yourself.

To schedule a Mini-Mission at your church or group gathering, please contact Laura Sams at 330/206-0272, or by email at