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During some very difficult times in my life, through many sleepless nights,

I would lie in bed with my hand held open and ask the Lord to hold my hand while I prayed. 

Though I could not physically feel His hand in mine, I could feel His spirit, His energy, His love.

  There is something very comforting and powerful about having a hand to hold in prayer. 

Even though we cannot be there in person to hold the hand of someone in need,

we CAN be with them in spirit and ultimately change someone’s life by helping lead them to Jesus.

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Do you need prayer?

Are you facing some sort of crisis in your life and would like to have someone praying for you on a regular basis? RAM Ministries has books that have been committed to prayer for all of the needs listed below. Just pick your need and click the blue button for the proper book. Please make a donation of any amount to the ministry to help us continue this important mission, and type “None” in the donation labeling box. Fill in your own mailing address in the shipping information at checkout. We will be sure to get a committed prayer partner book to you.

Prayer Partner Books are beautiful hand-crafted, hard cover books that have been made by volunteers in partnership with RAM Ministries. (See preview of books below) Each book contains a short story, written in verse for a specific need, encouraging people to reach out to God for their solution.  The poem is  followed by a summary of the Gospel.  The last page of each book offers a hand to hold and a special prayer for the person receiving the book. The hand print is made using light energy.  As the energy flow creates the hand on the paper, that person makes a commitment to regular prayer for the recipient of the book.


Books committed to prayer at our Mini-Missions that are not made for a specific person will be distributed to prisons, hospitals, pregnancy care centers, homeless shelters, bereavement groups, or other places appropriate for the specific books, or will be used to fill orders placed on our website.     RAM Ministries will be sure to get your Prayer Partner Books into hands and hearts that need them most.

Give the Gift of Prayer
Do you know someone who needs prayer? Someone facing a crisis? Give the gift of the awesome power of prayer through our Prayer Partner books. To send a book that has been committed to prayer to someone special in your life, just click the blue button below across from the specific need. Please make a donation to the ministry of any amount in order to help us continue our mission. Fill in the name and address of the person you would like to receive the book in the shipping information at check-out and we will get a book right to them. These prayer commitments have been made at our Ram Ministries missions by people that have a desire to pray for someone else on a regular basis, so by the time your special person receives their book, the prayer will already be in effect.  

Now it’s easy to become a Prayer Partner for one of our books by mail.

Be the hand that reaches out to someone in need.

If you would like to create your own hand print for a book for someone, click the button below labeled I WANT TO BE A PRAYER PARTNER, and we will send you the desired book, and the complete kit and instructions for completing your book. I WANT TO BE A PRAYER PARTNER

See our Live2serve page for details on Mini-Missions and service workshop scheduling.

Hand prints and commitments to prayer for the Prayer Partner books can also be made at RAM Ministries Mini-Missions.  RAM Ministries will come to your church, school, or group to hold one of these Mini-Missions.  It is a simple 4 station process that takes each person about 10 minutes to complete.  It is completely self contained and often set up outside. In cold or rainy weather we will need a room to set up the mission.  Mini-Missions are free, however, we very much need and appreciate donations to help cover our costs and further the ministry. See our  Live2serve page for workshop information for schools and youth groups where teens and young adults will make books for specific groups such as the imprisoned, the military, women in crisis pregnancy situations, the homeless, and more.  They will then become prayer partners for the people that will receive these books by creating their hand prints for the books.  This is a great service project and an excellent opportunity for group prayer on a regular basis.  These workshops are for teens (7th grade and older).  RAM Ministries will come to your school or group to conduct this event. Includes a short presentation on our ministry and serving God by Serving others.

Prayer Partner Books are currently available for for the following needs:

*Someone who needs healing of any kind, sick, depressed, etc.

*The lost or imprisoned (Someone whose life is in despair and needs God)

*Women facing a crisis pregnancy

*Those having trouble facing a lifelong illness or disability

*Those having difficulty dealing with the loss of a loved one

*Service Men and Women

*Those facing a severe financial crisis

*Bood for a teen or young person from a special adult in their life

*Book for someone that’s away(Grandparent, parent,special someone,etc.)

*Christmas book for those that need to find God

Click on the Prayer Partner Books below to read. 


The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal.  Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.

“The Invitation”

Prayer Partner Book for the lost or imprisoned

<< Click on book for preview

Donated books for the imprisoned will be sent to prisons all over the United States

“Let Me Live”

Prayer Partner Book for women facing a crisis pregnancy

<<Click on book for preview

Donated books will be sent to Pregnancy Care Centers everywhere

“Tell Me Why”

Prayer Partner Book for

someone having trouble dealing with their disability

<< Click on book for preview

“The Choice”

Prayer Partner book for those having difficulty dealing with the loss of a loved one.

‹‹Click on book to preview

“Live to Serve”

Prayer Partner Book for

those serving in the United States Armed Forces

<< Click on book for preview

“My Gift To You”

Prayer Partner Book for

a special teen or young adult from parent, grandparent, special adult, confirmation sponsor, etc.

<< Click on book for preview

“My Secret Place”

Prayer Partner Book for

those facing a severe financial crisis

<< Click on book for preview

“The Greatest Gift”

Prayer Partner Book for

Christmas for those that need to find God

<< Click on book for preview

“God’s Healing Power”

Prayer Partner Book for

those needing healing from sickness, depression, etc.

<< Click on book for preview

Special Outreach for Sick and Terminally Ill Children

Send a book and puppy to a sick child

Meet “Oscar” the Prayer Partner puppy!

Each book comes with a matching puppy.

Books are currently available for the following crisis situations: a child who is sick, parent is away in the military, homeless, parents have separated or divorced

These beautiful little hand made books are a wonderful gift for any child that is facing a difficult situation. Books have been blessed and children that receive them are prayed for on a regular basis by RAM Ministries.

Oscar faces a different crisis in each book and is looking for someone to help him. Oscar teams up with the child in prayer to help both of them through whatever crisis they are facing.

Books covers are customized as to the sex of the child, and military books specify a “mommy” that is away or a “daddy” that is away. Please specify at check-out.

Please note that the books that are sent to hospitals have been changed because they will not distribute anything that makes any reference to God or prayer. The whole idea of these books is based on the power of prayer, so we believe that even though we can’t say anything about God, our prayer for the child that has received the book is still making a difference.

Watch for these Prayer Partner books coming soon:


New Baby


Those caring for a sick or dying family member or friend

Victims of domestic violence


Victims of disaster


Would your group like to partner with RAM Ministries to make Prayer Partner Books for hurting people?

See our Live2serve page or click on link below


Join us in our mission to change the world.