CAMP RAM(well, our dream for Camp RAM)

Our Vision

In addition to our mission of spreading the Gospel and reaching out to those in need through our Prayer Partner books, RAM Ministries has an even larger vision:


We believe that children are born with an innate interest in knowing God, but often do not have the opportunity to truly know Him in this fast paced, technological world.  

RAM Ministries would like to help give them this opportunity through service to God by serving others.

Our hope is to build camps where teens can gather for retreats, missions, service projects, social gatherings, classes, etc. to further their spiritual growth in fun and exciting ways.

Get them back to basics

In this time of technological overload, many children have missed out on the enjoyment of the outdoors.  My experience with teens has shown that if given the opportunity, most teens very much enjoy nature and learning things like:

Building a campfire

Chopping wood

Blazing a trail

Building a birdhouse

Tapping a maple tree/Making syrup

Camp RAM will include gatherings for many service events for the teens to become involved in on a regular basis including:

Spies for Christ (seeking out needs of people in the community)

Cooking meals for the needy

Visiting the sick and the lonely

Doing yard work for the elderly or disabled

Participating in housing projects for the homeless

Making repairs for those in need

We want to provide an awesome facility for teens to gather for retreats, missions, service and social gatherings, complete with:

Yurts for overnight retreats

Pacific Yurts

Large kitchen for cooking meals

Large dining room for eating/classes

Theater for movies and presentations

Stage area for concerts speakers