Beyond the door

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I’m starting to think that God puts me in these situations so that I have stories for this newsletter to
glorify Him. This was another very supernatural experience that just happened a few weeks ago. I had
just finished feeding the poor and as I was loading up the back of my van with the empty roasters when
I noticed that the bath towels I had purchased for one of the women in our program that just got a house,
were still in the car. I had a little extra time before my first appointment for the day and her house was
kind of on the way, so I thought I would drop them off. I gave her a quick call to ask if it was ok to stop
and told her to just run out real quick and I would give her the gift since they had just recently moved in
and things were probably still out of whack. As I pulled up I saw her coming out of the house and
struggling with her dog that had come out with her. She grabbed his collar and put him back in the
house and pulled the door shut. I remember thinking that I hoped she hadn’t locked herself out of the
house. She ran down the steps and I got the gift out of the back of the car. She thanked me, gave me a
quick hug, told me that she had the baby in the house (her 3 year old niece) and headed towards her
porch yelling that she loved me as she ran. I went to pull away when the thought crossed my mind
again that she could have locked herself out. I stopped the car and waited for her to get to the door. I
saw the look of panic on her face when she realized the door was locked. I yelled for her to go around
the house looking for any possible way to get in. She was panicked with the child and dog inside alone.
I started searching through my car for absolutely anything I could use to try to slide between the door
and the frame to jimmy the lock, but I had left my purse at home so I didn’t have anything strong
enough like a credit card. I prayed as I searched, “Lord, please give me what I need to open that door.”
Over and over I prayed it, but nothing. I grabbed a thick sheet of photo type paper that wasn’t nearly
strong enough, but I shoved it in my pocket just in case. I ran up to the door and as soon as I saw the
door, I realized that all of the searching was in vein, the door had a seal all the way around it so nothing
could be shoved in between to jimmy the lock anyhow. I started praying again, “Lord, help me open
this door!” I grabbed the knob and turned it back and forth and back and forth, but it was tight. I
looked around for some other way and yelled to the back of the house to the woman to see if she had
found a way, but nothing. I ran back to the door, still praying, “Help me open this door!!” then I yelled
“OPEN THE DOOR” and just then the knob turned very gently in my hand and opened, just as if
someone had unlocked it on the other side. I walked in the house and there was no one on the other
side. The dog came running wanting to eat me alive and the little girl right behind him. The woman
came around the house and saw I was inside. “How did you get it open?” she asked. “Well”, I said,
“God opened it for me.” Once again, the power of prayer prevails. He’s AMAZING, all the time!


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