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As a young woman starting my family, it was very important to me that I be able to raise my own children rather than putting them in daycare. I wanted to make sure that our values were deeply instilled in them as little children, which in my view was most easily done with them at home the majority of the time until they went to school. When we had our first child at age 23, I had a great job that I loved. We also had a mortgage and lots of other bills to pay, so I needed to have a job. I had every intention of going back to work after my 6 weeks of maternity leave, so I had a babysitter all in place, but after a day and a half, I knew it wasn’t what I wanted. I put my trust in God to make a way, and I quit my job. I started babysitting other people’s children and that served us well for many years. I look back on the whole thing now and I am amazed how God brought me new opportunities to work from home all the way through the 17 years until my kids were all in school. I never had to go looking for another job. One job would come to an end a new one would pop up just in time. After babysitting, I was also an assistant to a realtor in my area, from home, a mortgage loan processor, from home, and a bookkeeper, from home. After my kids were all in school I went to work, at work, but was blessed with a job in which I was able to be home with them after school, on holidays, and during the summer. God’s hand was definitely on it the whole time. But the story doesn’t end there… now I am witnessing the same blessing on my own girls who are now having babies. Their desire and prayer have also been to work from home while raising their children. Our first daughter to have a child was offered a work from home position without ever even looking for one. It came just in time for her to start when she was ready to get back to work after having the baby. She is now fully into the job and she loves it. Another one of our daughters is due with her first child in June. She also was offered a full-time position at a work from home job without ever even looking for one and has been on the job for quite some time, and also loves it. An awesome answer to prayer for both of them. I’ve always taught my children to step out in faith and believe, even when the circumstances don’t look like it could ever be possible, or when people tell you it’s not possible, and just keep believing. God has shown us His goodness over and over again throughout our lives and His blessings have been even more than we have ever asked or hoped for. The waiting on God’s timing has sometimes been difficult, but He has always come through.
“Commit your way unto the Lord and trust Him also, and He shall bring it to pass.”
Psalm 37:5

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